Thursday, August 31, 2006

more 'through the viewfinder'...

dark lily, august 2006

demented porch, august 2006

two lips, august 2006

All three shots taken with Nikon D50 through the viewfinder of a vintage Kodak Duaflex II.


Also, go check out the cool Compound Word Project that Shari has put together and see if you can guess all of the words. Here is my contribution to the project...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - enclosed in the photobooth.

vintage b&w photobooth, Amy's Ice Cream, Austin, Texas - July 2006

For the last of the 'Enclosed in...' Self Portrait Challenge this month here is me, in a vintage black & white photobooth, surrounded by the swirl of developer solution. I love that this booth was faulty and all of these ghostly images were captured around me. The way the dark swath along my profile curves it is as if it were planned.

Some of you may stop by just on Tuesdays and not know that the beautiful Andrea of hulaseventy started something called 'Photobooth Friday' quite a long while ago. I participate along with so many other fabulous women bloggers that I have come to know. Similar in concept to SPC, we are PBF. It was actually a little difficult to use this photo on a Tuesday - sacrilegious even. Each one of these little squares has become precious and I eek them out hoping to never exhaust my supply.

You probably have some old photobooth shots in the bottom of a forgotten shoe box in the attic. Or maybe under your parents stairs...

Won't you come along and join us?


edited to add: If you are looking for a booth near you there is a handy locator page at

Monday, August 28, 2006

M M #14

Artist of the Week
Ane Brun

Album of the Week
A Temporary Dive

Song and Lyric of the Week
Temporary Dive
“I fell down in that hole again
I am a lump of jelly
I am a dead fish
I look up at the blue sky
And I know that it's just
A temporary dive

Sometimes we tip toe
Sometimes we run
Sometimes we wander while
Looking at the sun

Sitting on the cold dirt floor
I want to finish the counting of days on the walls
I build a ladder from broken wish bones
And square-shaped stones
That my friends threw down in the hole

Sometimes we tip toe
Sometimes we run
Sometimes we wander while
Looking at the sun

And even though I read maps to avoid them
They change location every day
And somehow all of my traces they vanish
But shall one stay put
Shall one lay low
Shall one not go
Just to avoid this hole?

Sometimes we tip toe
Sometimes we run
Sometimes we wander while
Looking at the sun”

Music Thought of the Week

This is a new artist to me. I am still learning her music and I really love it so far.

Mostly I chose this song today for a friend.

I'll keep throwing broken wish bones and square-shaped stones, alright?

Friday, August 25, 2006

photo booth friday - through the viewfinder.

The whole collection.
On the side of the fridge.
For every one to enjoy.

More photobooth beauty here.

I hope you all have a truly wonderful weekend and that you are lucky enough to be out of harms way in these troubling times.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh dear, what a fat cat you have...

August 23, 2006
TtV Nikon D50/Duaflex II

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - enclosed in a box.

a box camera, that is.

About a week ago I went for my daily dose of dooce and happened upon this post wherein she describes a new (to me) technique that involves a very old camera (the Kodak Duaflex II) and a very new camera, in my case a DSLR (Nikon D50). I followed her links for more info and was totally sold.

I then went straight to eBay and was rapidly outbid (I wouldn't spend more than $25) on four separate duaflex cameras within two days. But someone was smiling down upon me because with a little crafty digging, one seller had a 'buy now' button for, um, SIX DOLLARS!! And then, it came in the mail yesterday, and

The quicky run down is, these Duaflex II have a large viewfinder on the top of the camera. You build a light blocking device (I used black construction paper and you can see some light seeping in above), tape to the old camera and shoot the image passing through it with the new camera. I left the image above uncropped because I liked the effect. Here is another image that shows how very excellent and grungy a toy this really is...

I am aware that you can get these types of effects with Photoshop but this is way more fun for me and the randomness of it all fills me with glee. I apologize in advance for the plethora of screwy duaflex/D50 pictures headed your way but please be kind. My obsessions don't tend to come around often enough.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Music Monday #13.

Artist of the Week
Corinne Bailey Rae

Album of the Week
Corinne Bailey Rae

Song and Lyric of the Week

Like A Star
“Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands,
Oh.. I do love you,

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

You've got this look i can't describe,
You make me feel like I'm alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you're on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can't find the words to write this song,
Your love,

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

I have come to understand,
The way it is,
It's not a secret anymore,
'cause we've been through that before,
From tonight I know that you're the only one,
I've been confused and in the dark,
Now I understand,

I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
I wonder why it is,
I wont let my guard down,
For anyone but you
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands”

Music Memory of the Week

I felt like sharing a happy song today. Truth be told I lean towards the deep, dark, aching songs in general.

Yesterday was one of those days that made me feel lighter. Alicia's post reminded me that I have been wanting to watch Amelie again for a few weeks. So I did. Every single detail of this film makes me happy…the narrative…the colors…the story…the photobooths…the way she changes lives…I even cherish the moments when she is sad. When watching I want to crawl inside that world and never come out.

After I watched it, I went out for a drive and the song 'Like A Star' came on. It helped the bliss linger and I had a so-melancholy-and-pleased-at-once-that-I-cried moment right there in the car. It was as if I really WAS inside the film.

Geez, I am such a girl sometimes…

Friday, August 18, 2006

photo booth friday - eat it.

you know you want to.

Have a good one people.
And go check other photobooth fabulousness over here.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

me me.

Funny, I have been thinking of doing a meme lately and when I got online this morning my dear Andrea had one up. A good one. So, alas, MEME TIME....

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
“there was neither “I” nor “We.””
- from the poem On The First Day, in the book Rumi - In The Arms of the Beloved.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can...what do you touch first?
deep olive green velvet pillows

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
The latest episode of Rescue Me (oh man is this show an excellent wicked pleasure)

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, what time is it?
9:43 am.

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
10:03am – close enough :)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Nick Drake singing and laundry getting itself clean

7. When did you last step outside?
Yesterday morning on a journey of some have-to’s but more like-to’s

8. What are you wearing?
Bare feet, long jean cut offs, new Orla Kiely dress, a bunch of bracelets, dangly earrings

9. When did you last laugh?
Well shoot, um, ALL of the time, but I guess when I watched that episode of Rescue Me last night (out loud even)

10. Seen anything weird lately?
I see weird things all of the time but can’t recall anything specific. Does seeing the immediate aftermath of a fairly intense car accident count? That was yesterday. Yuck.

11. What did you dream last night?
I dreamt that I was moving back into a college dorm room. When I got to the room I realized the back wall to the hallway didn’t go all the way to the ceiling like a cubicle which puzzled me because how would we keep everything from getting stolen? My roomates were Jude Law and some random girl. All three of us were really dressed up (flirty dresses, a suit). The walls were paneled in beautiful glossy wood and the kitchen area was all brushed nickel. The front/living room part was all set up for a “sample sale” of books from the Oprah Winfrey Book List which really pissed me off because it was a big mess.

OK, there are so many things wrong with this dream that I do not know where to start. I don’t even care for Jude Law (too pretty for me), I’ve never worked in a cubicle, I don’t watch Oprah or necessarily pick books from her list and – back to college?! - forget it (unless, see #16 below).

12. What's on the walls of the room you're in?
Two paintings by PickleBoy, one by my mother. Also one painting that is my special treasure and the first true ‘piece’ I have purchased in my life (see photo above for a bit of it). I bought it for myself while on Kauai earlier this year (and as you can see it isn’t of a wave, a sunset or a whale!). Also two botanical teaching charts from 1960 - mushroom and leaf - with black backgrounds.

14. What do you think of this survey?
Yes, yes – I like or else I wouldn’t do.

15. What's the last film you saw?
Brick. Very cool and different film with teenagers, a murder, drugs, whodunnit style. Very staccato old-style noir dialogue. It was filmed near where I grew up. I liked it more than loved it.

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
First a one story Spanish ranch-style house built in the 20’s or 30’s with a lot of white stucco and arches – not too big – three/four bedrooms maybe? There would be a big old style rectangular pool in the back with spanish tile around the edges – tons of rose bushes. And there will be a view of some beautiful sort. (with the sister vintage b&w photobooth to Andrea's in the foyer!)
Then at said house I would throw a HUGE party with all of my favorite people (some I haven’t even met yet – you can all come) and bands (oh, the bands, the bands) there.
Then next, give a bunch of money away to friends, family, charity, PickleBoy’s college fund.
And, finally, enroll full time at the Art Institute in San Francisco.

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
Hmmm – if I had been born with one of the ‘great voices’ I would have pursued being a recording artist.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?
This one is way harder than I thought it would be to answer. I think I would have to go with removing hatred from each and every person on this planet. That way war, racism, murder (etcetera, etcetera) could be eradicated.

19. Do you like to dance?
Oh, yeah, but everything has to align – music that moves me, in the right mood, the peoples with me – then I will just go until I am a sweat ball and my neck hurts

20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Tallulah or Piper

21. Boy?
Riley (which I used already)

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Why, yes, of course – because I already did.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - enclosed by nothing...

...nothing at all.

I have been very humbled by the talent shown with this month's self portrait challenge theme. There has been a very tangible 'hemmed in' feeling to these beautiful portraits. The only thing for me is that I haven't exactly felt internally aligned with that emotion lately (and that is good for me, people).

No, lately I have felt like throwing my arms out wide and yelling "WOO HOO" and living it up. There is no concrete thing I can point to as 'it'. More an overriding sense that all is well and as it should be. I am more comfortable in my own skin than ever and - damn - does that feel good.

This photo is from mine and my friend B's latest trek slash adventure. I spoke of the magic of this ritual (and also our previous jaunt) here. This time we wound our way to the top of Mt. Tamalpais and sat in a field of wild dry grass overlooking the ocean. We had a picnic (sparkling Pinot Grigio with fresh pomegranate seeds included). We caught up with one another and discussed life and it's beautiful intricacies in detail. I took this photo on our way back down the mountain. And - wow - did I ever feel UNenclosed.

(woo hoo!)

Friday, August 11, 2006

photo booth friday - fishies.

Great picture, questionable talent. Only one of four individuals seen in this photo is capable of getting it right when the "make a fishy face" command is called out.

And it ain't me.

And I called it out.

(stop laughing)


I always link to Andrea of hulaseventy on photobooth Friday because pbf is her very brilliant inspiration. Sometimes I thank her a bit for getting it started but haven't yet waxed poetic about her way of seeing life and her blog. I must say that beyond her stellar talent (and I mean stellar) at taking a photo, she has the loveliest way with words. She has such a 'real' yet evocative way of telling a tale and makes you feel first person engaged in her process. I look forward to each of her posts and then relish them as little gems.

There is much talk amongst bloggers about how the interconnectedness, or community if you wish, of blogging is the silver lining to the www.
I wholeheartedly agree.
My friendship with Andrea is proof for me. A woman who I would not have met otherwise, whom I have never been in the same room with, but I hope to know forever. I am lucky to have become friends with her and suggest you take the time to go visit her. And take a lovely little walk through her world.

The last days of Summer have and beautiful weekend to you all.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - enclosed in his fort.

This shot is from a series that I love. PickleBoy made an impressive fort last week that entailed moving the mattress and raiding the linen closet. He made a 'red' carpet to enter and set up a bed of floor pillows inside. The ceiling was made of his luscious flannel rocketship sheets and being inside was like being under a mesmerizing sea that floats out in space. He slept in there for two nights. My sister and I have so many memories of building our own elaborate forts when we were kids. Really, really good memories. Ah, life in full circle.

I am having this next one blown up (11x17? bigger?) to mark this dreamy time in life with my boy forever:


On a side note, you MUST go watch this video. Can you say choreography? Thanks for the link B and Ray!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Music Monday #12 - Austin, part 3 (the last).

Artist of the Week
The K-Tel Hit Machine

Album of the Week
They don't have one. But they should.

Song and Lyric of the Week
let's go with...
Don't Bring Me Down by ELO
"You got me runnin' goin' out of my mind,
You got me thinkin' that I'm wastin' my time.
Don't bring me down,no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down.

You wanna stay out with your fancy friends.
I'm tellin' you it's go to be the end,
Don't bring me down,no no no no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down.

Don't bring me down, Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down, Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down, Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down.

What happened to the girl I used to know,
You let your mind out somewhere down the road,
Don't bring me down,no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down.

You're always talkin' 'bout your crazy nights,
One of these days you're gonna get it right.
Don't bring me down,no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down.

Don't bring me down,Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down,Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down,Brruuuce.
Don't bring me down.

You're lookin' good just like a snake in the grass,
One of these days you're gonna break your glass.
Don't bring me down,no no no no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down.

You got me shakin' got me runnin' away
You get me crawlin' up to you everyday,
Don't bring me down,no no no no no, OH-oo-hoo.
I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor
Don't bring me down."

Music Story of the Week
Rebecca and I had one big night out while I was in town. Her awesome husband, Matt, volunteered to stay with the kidlets, and a girls night it became.
Please, people, if you get a chance to see this band - take it. As you may be able to tell from their name and the cover song I chose the lyrics for above, this was a night of singing,dancing and hilarity extraordinaire. They are not just any cover band - oh no - but a group of established musicians that
"plays AM gold from the 1970's, mixed with a few edgy album rock favorites from the 80's...they steer virtually clear of typical rock and dance standards driven into the ground by radio and karaoke, and breathe new life into old hits that made you smirk back then and make you howl today. If Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon formed a cover band, this would be it."
Need I say more? And look at that Benjamin Hotchkiss (the British male lead singer)? Cute, cute, cute.

A few nights later we went for pizza at the ever hip 'Home Slice'...

...and guess who walks in and sits down right across from us? Benjamin himself just because that is how my life tends to work sometimes :) Capital F-U-N.

To wrap things up we hit the Ever-Touristy-But-Who-Really-Cares-Because-It-Is-AWESOME Barton Springs...

...and watched the world's largest urban bat colony swirl out into the Texas sky on our very last night...

Believe it or not, I have left out a TON of details - Blanton Museum, Progress Coffee, Book People, private viewing of Andrew Long's work, the bead store, Whole Foods MEGAstore & headquarters, yummy shrimp boil dinner with ice cold Session beer - mostly just because it is time to get back in the groove with my life back at home.

Thank you for bearing with my verbosity as it relates to this one trip but thank you especially to my friends in Austin for making this such a memorable week of my life.

Friday, August 04, 2006

photo booth friday - Austin part 2.

LeS & Rebecca at Chuy's, Austin, Texas - July 2006

OK, sharing a margarita in a photobooth with one of your best girls in the Summer? Very high ranking moment. Austin is an EXCELLENT city for the photobooths. They are scattered about at assorted places (as above) but the main and most reliable source for vintage booths is Amy's Ice Cream all about town. Word is that they aren't always working at all of the locations (call first) but Amy is dedicated to her booths. Check their website - they even have their own photo gallery.

On to more Austin antics...I will do my best not to blather on too much and keep this to three parts but bear with me because there is so much goodness to tell of.

I have to publicly thank our dear friends for host/hostessing us in such a grand manner. They went above and beyond the call of duty by attempting to work half days, pick up a boat, grocery shop, shuttle around town, drag their LOVELY kidlets all over and stay up way past everyone's bed time to make certain that we had fun. And did we ever.

Lake Austin was so perfect and charming and has the most beautiful bridge...

We attempted to water ski, water tube, endlessly jumped in and out of the water, shared a little champagne and pulled the boat out of the water only to put it back in the next day and play all over again.

first time ever for C & C

the kidlet trio - (can you see the love in her eyes? This girl LOVES that PB :)

...and beautiful Rebecca. I miss you so much already.
Austin Part 3 (the last) to come on Monday.

I believe Andrea is on vacation so here are some of the links I found to other fabulous photobooth Friday participants...go see for your self!

Now go have an excellent weekend one and all!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh, Austin of my heart - Part 1.

Have you ever before been to a town other than the one you live in and felt as if it was 'yours' anyway? Felt as if the fit was tailor made? Felt like you were 'home' within your skin and all your experiences came bouncing back at you with a resounding 'YES!'?

This is Austin, Texas to me.

This was my third/PickleBoy's first visit. I thought the Summer heat would finally be the thing that would dissuade me from longing to live there. Nope, no such luck - it was hot, yes, but we adjusted well (and had some grand luck with temperatures truth be told). The humidity made my hair and skin yummy, the people everywhere I went were so friendly and would say "San Francisco is so beautiful but you should move here!" And the music? Please don't get me started as you all know what I am like with music.

Alas, I will not take PB so far away from his father. Or myself away from such lovely and solid friends. But PB will leave for college in six short years...hmmm....
We arrived to dear friends Rebecca/Matt/Chloe/Caden and a dinner of my favorite tamales served with made-from-scratch margaritas and chatted deep into the evening. My girl, Rebecca, and I have been friends since we were 15 and have seen many peaks and valleys together. We are like sisters in our bond. There was much catching up to do...
Then the next day, our first full day, was just that, full.

vintage shopping on South Congress

eating tacos and sopapillas at Chuy's (there may have been a margarita for the mamas involved at this point)

photobooth visits (again at Chuy's)

swimming at Deep Eddy (top to bottom: PB, Chloe :), Rebecca & Caden)

and live music at The Shady Grove (top to bottom: Matt, Me & PB, Texas sunset).

And, yes, that was just the first day. Phew. Check back tomorrow where will be visiting the lake and revisiting the photobooth (on Friday. Get it? Hee.)...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - enclosed spaces.

Enclosed in the middle seat of row 20, seat B, at the back of the airplane that carried me away from one of my best vacations in recent memory back towards real life just this morning. My body is home but my thoughts haven't caught up yet. So many lovely tales to come but just a nap or two first....

More self portraits here.