Monday, March 31, 2008

we can fly.

us in front of a Mary Blair illustration.

Oh, I just had the loveliest Saturday since I can remember. I met with Steph for the first time. We ate soup and talk talk talked and shared stories and compared cameras and filled the little gaps of knowing left by what is inevitably not blogged. Steph is every bit as wonderful as you would expect. Sparkly and bright and engaging and genuinely interested in what you have to say.

steph is the cowgirl of the pair.

After lunch we walked to the Cartoon Art Museum as to not miss the Mary Blair exhibit (she designed the 'It's a Small World' ride and worked for Walt Disney for many years). Then the book store then coffees and more sharing. We stopped to get cream puffs for the boys we love - the boys about which we spent much of our time sharing and comparing. And then suddenly it was time to go.

beautiful steph.

It was over so fast - the time did fly - but the plans for round two are already in the works and I can't wait.

Monday, March 24, 2008

top that.

Pickleboy got a bunch of noses in his Easter basket. What did YOU get?


Thursday, March 20, 2008


I recently received a gentle reminder from a friend that I had not yet shared my big birthday weekend from last Fall with you all. Encouraged, I started to comb through the images and all of the memories came flooding back. I puzzled how best to share them with you. There are large gaps in the weekend where we didn't pick up the camera at all. Then there is this sort of teeter-totter effect in the images that we did capture.

In my daily life I am most definitely the woman pictured above. Pensive, peaceful, filled with love and spirit. But I am certainly the one with the tiara, tuutuu and the megaphone, as well:

Or the altar that Mary created to honor me, to bring in spirit:
my birthday altar.
Right next to the bar we built filled with an altogether different type of spirit:
yum yum.

There were sparkly wish-filled flames:
sparkler birthday toasts.
And gentle, peaceful places for rest:
beach house bed

This rented beach house was filled with wonderful women:
my crew
But we made an allowance and let one lovely man join in:
ping pong master.

The sunrise of the first day:
The sunset of the last:

A weekend filled with dualities and every yummy thing tucked into the in-betweens.
Simply perfect.


The full set of photos - with more details - can be viewed here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

more than i ever imagined.

I have been so very busy. A great engaged-in-life kind of busy. Seems the blog falls away first when these times roll around so...SO nice to see you again :)

I am lucky enough to tell you that a large part of my busyness is due to my business. Sometimes I am a little afraid to 'say it out loud' or need to ask someone to pinch me on this whole journey that I have embarked. Although I do not say much here about my professional shoots, the one last Friday deserves special attention.

I often work with my dear friend B. She is a Creative Director and often needs a photographer for her clients. We have worked together many times but last week we had a truly deep and moving experience. We spent six hours at a fantastic non-profit facility dedicated to helping developmentally disabled individuals become as independent as each of them are capable. Our goal was to document a day in the life of this amazing place.

When we arrived we were very excited to take part but were not completely certain how we would be received. We were strangers after all. Strangers with a camera.

We walked in and almost immediately were welcomed and enveloped by the most beautiful community of individuals you can imagine. I cannot do this day justice with words but I can tell you I am changed for it. Blessed by it. And so very impressed with the spirit and humanity of the people that have dedicated their lives to helping others in this way.

We did take one small break to drink some water, regroup, discuss the shots we still needed. We couldn't get into how deeply moved we were just yet...tears get in the way when photos are your job.

As B and I sat on the grass I turned and instinctively shot this photo and forgot all about it. We cried in the car on the way home. Discussed the beauty of our experience. Wondered out loud why the general public was not more like this loving and trusting community where we had just spent the day.

Over the next few days I combed through the nearly 1200 images that I captured. I had to dry my eyes more than once over my luck at having had this experience. When this image came up I was floored. Look at the center of this dandelion.

Do you see it?

I told you Love is Everywhere.
It is just that in some places there is
more than you could ever imagine.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

blossoms and magic.

On a recent 'down day' I packed my camera bag and went on a follow-your-nose journey around the edge of Richardson Bay (very near where I live) just north of San Francisco. The only rule was to turn the wheel when I felt it, stop when I knew it, shoot what called to me. I needed this.

I had already stopped four or five times when I rounded a corner in State Park territory and happened upon the largest and most magnificent cherry blossom tree I have ever seen.

I quickly whipped to the side of the road. I began to shoot and got closer and closer as if pulled until I was standing right inside of it. Warm sun, cold breezes, magical cloud of branches and pristine flowers all around me - all the way to my toes.

This was one of those experiences that makes you breathe deep, calms you, connects you to the grander and oh-so-exquisite world. To Spirit.

When I returned home and first viewed these images I had this upside down but distinct feeling wash over me that maybe it had all been a dream. That if I drove back to that exact spot the tree would no longer be there.

blossom 05

blossom 03

blossom 02

blossom 04

And then,
the realization that it existed exactly where I needed it.
Right here within me.