Friday, October 30, 2009


Funny, I keep taking pictures of this little love and all I get is serious face or sleeping face. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps most of his funny loving expressiveness is best experienced in person. We shall see as he grows...but here's a little video tidbit to help you all share in the true cuteness :)

OH! And his name? We went round and round trying to think of one and almost all of mine were summarily shot down by my lovely teenager (I swear one day I will have a pet named Zissou). So when Riley brought out a bunch of his favorite books and video games and pelted me with the endless list of character names I finally gave in...

Iggy: Riley's favorite character from the Maximum Ride series of books. I tried for Ziggy but, you guessed it, shot down.
Stardust: in honor of Rocket and was originally to go with Ziggy - I stood my ground.
Gordon: Riley's favorite video character - I kept this from being the first name - but barely.
Lindell: fairly self explanatory :)

Less kitty, more other stuff soon...and a Happy Halloween Weekend to you, my peeps!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

May I introduce Iggy Stardust Gordon Lindell,

Iggy Stardust Gordon Lindell - #0001

I thought that I would be one of those people who needed an empty house in which to heal for quite some time. Then I couldn't bear the quiet, the emptiness, no special little face just around the hallway corner.

Iggy Stardust Gordon Lindell - #0002

Turns out I'm the kind of person that needs a house with chased strings, mid-air body flinging and a soft neckwarmer who apparently never stops purring to help with the healing process.

Iggy Stardust Gordon Lindell - #0003

Already looks like this little boy will be quite the character - I hope my lovely Rocket boy approves :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


iGROW . one stop shopping
one stop shopping.

iGROW . prepare to dine
prepare to dine.

iGROW . we dare you
we dare you.

Phase two, the first phase being iWALK, has been shot for our client, Health Action. These are some of the images I love most from this phase of the project - a teaser really as the materials and project don't launch until next Spring. An initiative to get people to grow their own food for an ultimately healthier and happier life.

Lucky me,
my job still rocks :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Do not be impatient...


...with your seemingly slow progress. Do not try to run faster than you presently can. If you are studying, reflecting and trying, you are making progress whether you are aware of it or not. A traveler walking the road in the darkness of night is still going forward. Someday, some way, everything will break open, like the natural unfolding of a rosebud."

Vernon Howard, 1918-1992
American Author and Spiritual Teacher

(Thank you for this, B.
So very, very much.)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

my website...

my website...
...updated. shiny. new.

Keeping busy and freshening things up is good medicine :)

Feedback on the new look and images is most welcome...

Friday, October 02, 2009

goodnight, sweet prince.

goodnight, sweet prince.
Rocket left us yesterday. I held him as he went, bathed him in tears and assured him that one day we would be together again. He was magic to me and I am not sure how I will get along without him.

I wish I had more words, he deserves so many more words.....maybe one day. But today, I just need time and space. And some fresh air. And reminders to breathe my way through the grief.....

...back soon, my friends.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

thursday. brown.