Monday, August 31, 2009

portland, oh, portland...part two.

as I mentioned,

Day 3

started with a solo sunrise walk filled delightful surprises...



and as I wound my back to pack up and say goodbye to Denise I felt a pang to leave my lovely no-longer-an-acquaintance-now-a-real-friend. I also felt excited to visit with a long time friend whom I had never shared physical space with. So I waved a melancholy goodbye to Denise and Koko, we promised to see one another soon and I headed on my way.

If you cannot tell who I visited next from these first two photos...


then perhaps this one will give it away...

ah, yes, the ever-lovely Alicia Paulson...and her girl Clover Meadow (pictured here)...and her guy Andy. I have to tell you all that despite having been very sick and still not feeling well, Alicia insisted I come by for a visit. Which shouldn't surprise you if you read her blog, but was so very appreciated by me. We sat and shared all sorts of things about life and our work - a little girl talk thrown in. And if you were wondering...all three of them really are all that. Thank you, thank you dear Alicia for carving out some time for me and sharing your family, fantastic home and wonderful self with me. I am holding you guys to that trip down here so I can reciprocate very, very soon, ok?!

Yet again, the time for me to go came too quickly but, also again, I was excited to see the next set of dear friends...the Jenkins. It was a perfectly hot afternoon when I rolled up in front. We all hugged and squeezed and squealed, Ward sadly had to head back out, but then Andrea and I just plain settled in, left our cameras packed, and talked talked talked about everything under the sun. Until that sun started to fade, Ward came home, and they trekked me out to see the Falls. Because it isn't really a trip to Oregon without seeing some Falls...

We drove back home in the dark and talked some more until all of our eyes drooped and we could talk no more.

Day 4

I awoke early yet again and as the sun slowly rose, I took time to capture all sorts of delicious vignettes and corners of this place they call home...



this shot being a nod to Andrea's straws...oh, she always has straws...

we packed up the kids and off on another adventure to Cargo...

this place is SERIOUSLY dangerous for the pocketbook. we wandered aimlessly, separated, came back together...each choosing our own special treasure to take home. And then there was this treasure waiting for me around the corner when we walked out...

Ward met us for an old-timey pizza lunch downtown and then we all needed a rest...

but - hey - not done with Day 4 yet...Andrea and I headed back out to the lovely LeHappy

to meet the inimitable Jen Downer!

We spent wonderful HOURS visiting and comparing notes and giving pep talks and discussing how photography was the impetus of so much in each of our lives. We left our cameras sitting quietly that night but - never fear - I got some SHOTS of these lovely ladies the next day at lunch...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

in the weeds...

in the weeds...
...hustling to get caught up from being away and also prepping for some exciting upcoming jobs...more Portland to come but for now, day 3 started with a solo sunrise walk and this self portrait.

back with more soon, my lovelies!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

portland, oh, portland...part one.

There is no other way but to take a page from Andrea's book when they came down my way last Summer...break this trip out into pieces...feed them onto the electronic page bit by very big bit...this post only constitutes days 1 & 2 and it's a doozy in itself.

I mentioned my need to get away as salve. I would miss PickleBoy, yes, but I think the more important reason to go on this trip was that my eye - my camera - needed it. In search of inspiration, to see in new ways, to shake things up. And it really, truly did.

Day 1
Out on the open road, a 10+ hour drive completed in 9.5. Averaging 80, smoking hot temperatures, windows down, a combination of 'This American Life' episodes and crafted playlists to sing me along.

Denise heartily urged me to stay with she and Keith...she being a dear friend of my wonderful B...we had shared a meal together earlier this year during she and Keith's visit to the Bay Area. Upon me asking last minute if it might be ok to stay, "Come on up!!!" came her email reply.

I arrived all wonky and discombobulated from that long, long drive. Denise being a girl after my own heart, we took the lovely Koko for a walk through the neighborhood to stretch myself out, chat our way towards each other. And ended up at a local bar. Sidewalk table, nice cocktails in hand, toasted our B, clinked, tipped back...

and then I looked up and saw a very good sign of things to come.

back home to visit with Keith, to a delicious dinner, delicious conversation, deep into the night...only to arise to an epic day. One of those days you couldn't successfully recreate if you tried. A day more full than any vacation day I have experienced. I tell you what, you should ALL have Denise as a tour guide...let's do this in list form shall we?

Day 2
1. D took Koko and I on another walk. A perfect walk with delight around each corner. It started as a meander through the dreamiest field of my life thus far...
no surprise that we found love there...

2. and then straight on through a tunnel to the old-timey Oaks Park with it's French carrousel...
and it's mirrors full of shall we say "perspective"...

3. on through the park, we found the gate, the steps down to the riverside to give Koko some hearty air time...
and to give me this vision of downtown Portland...

4. a delicious Lebanese lunch and then, why not?

5. a quick pop into the 'outdoor' store for a little wander. If this Finnish gas mask weren't so pricey, you KNOW it would now be mine...

6. on to the bead store, lovely but not much luck and D says,

7. "Hey, want to check out this art exhibit I heard about", I say "yes!" Ok, you guys, this exhibit deserves a whole post of it's own, which it will get one day soon but I will give you a teaser now and say this. Wow!! A musty old retirement home, creepy and damp, over 100 rooms, each one taken over by a different artist to do with what they wish? Brilliant. It was called The Manor of Art at Milepost 5. Here is a sampling of some favorite snaps from there...


I need some help and a bit of time to properly credit these artists. I will be linking and giving credit where it's due soon soon soon...

8. Beat. Ready to rest. We stopped in and walked the halls of Kennedy School. SO GOOD but also very quiet on a late Tuesday afternoon...I asked D if we could move on instead to grab a locally brewed beer, a smooth cool sit down and she happily took me to

9. Amnesia Brewing on Mississippi Avenue where I ordered an ale named 'Copacetic' just for it's name. Seriously, if I were to move to Portland, THIS would be my neighborhood. LOVE.

10. Off to drag Keith from work a bit early, for tapas and happy hour...YUM.

11. Then D and I walked along the wooden sidewalks of The Pearl,

visited some of the parks in which Keith is responsible for overseeing the art...

people out and about everywhere, trying to stave off the heat...

12. Heading towards home, a stop at one of the many food cart corners to see what was on offer. Alas, they weren't quite open yet, we were pretty full and tired, yet I will be forever grateful for one of my favorite shots of this trip...
Time will be made on my next visit to try these crepes as well as some of the other infamous carts of Portland.

13. A quick stop at TJ's.

14. And then home in time to say goodbye to the light...

And THAT, my friends, only gets us to the end of my first full day. Yeah, I KNOW, right...?

I would like to add here how very much I appreciate Denise and Keith for their kindness and generosity. It would have been grand indeed if they knew me well, but that they knew me lightly and still rolled the carpet out in such a flourish? Gah! I arrived a happy acquaintance and left the two mornings later with new friends of my own. Hey, you two lovelies! You are welcome to take over my home any day, any time. Although, I suspect B and I may need to arm wrestle over you. Just remember that I am stronger than I look :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

LeSophie is...

LeSophie is...
and LeThrilled
and LeGrateful
and LeLucky for this perfect trip and
and yet LeSad
to LeLeave
my LeLovelies
but still LeReady
to get LeHome
and to LeSqueeze
my little LeRocket and then
pick up LePickleBoy
at LeAirport and really
LeLove on him...
now off on the LeTen-Hour-Drive towards home...
LeTHANKYOU, my wonderful Portland friends!!!

...and oh so many LePhotos to share over the next weeks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i'm at andrea's

i'm at andrea's
...can you tell?

do the hula.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

salve indeed.

salve indeed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

with a lump in my throat

with a lump in my throat
and a song in my heart I bid my great big kid adieu last night. He left for Melbourne, Australia with his father...back to visit the place where he was born. A place he has not been since he was three months old and in my arms. Sending him off on this journey without being by his side has been odd for me. I cried a salty combination of tears of ache and tears of joy as he walked out the door. So happy for him to go, so odd to not be there to see his face.

My salve? I am spontaneously getting in my car this morning, full tank of gas and heading out on a journey of my own. Perhaps I'll stop in, leave you some crumbs as to where I've gone. Or perhaps I will see you all in a week. Either way, I'll be the girl with the sunroof open and all the windows down singing at the top of my lungs. I hear that's the perfect cure for throat lumps :)

Friday, August 14, 2009



is in the little things and thankfully found absolutely everywhere.

i wish a happy, beauty-filled, little things weekend to you all.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

at le shoppe...

some new grass.

A new look,
some new prints
and a sale!
check it out and
if you would be so kind,
please do spread the word :)

Merci beaucoup!

Monday, August 10, 2009

mr. grumpy yum-yum.

apple pie.
My offspring had a troubling first half to his weekend. He poured his heart out to me on Sunday morning, shook it off for the time being and ran out the door to make a movie with his friends.

And there I was. Sitting alone with my mountain of Mama worries. I knew it would all be ok but it also washed over me that as these people of ours grow up, it falls to us to slowly hand their responsibilities over to their own hands.

Nonetheless, I was filled with an angst that needed to be addressed. So I went out to our ancient and prolific apple tree, gathered a big bowl full and set out to make him a pie. Which I have never done before. Because making crust scares me. And, well, I like chocolate cake better.

OH MY. You should have seen me. Utensils, flour, sugar, apple peels scattered everywhere. At one point, I just burst out laughing and decided to forge ahead. The result? The ugliest pie ever made on earth. I named him Mr. Grumpy Yum-Yum. See his little pinched face? Should have used more fruit. Burnt him around the edges.

mr. ugly yum-yum

But then when Riley got home after dark and walked into the kitchen I heard the best sound in the world..."MAMA, YOU MADE A PIE!?!?"

Yes, honey, I made him just for you.

Friday, August 07, 2009

may your weekend

be filled with plenty of zing with a side of pow! woohoo! and woopeeeeeeeeee!!!

(...and, if you so desire, a cocktail or two :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009



Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them. ~A.A. Milne

Monday, August 03, 2009


at the farmers market.

the lovely pickleboy

took all but the first

and last of

these photos...

and it was a heavenly day :)