Friday, July 31, 2009

en pointe

en pointe
Aren't shoes over the telephone wire some sort of gang sign? Hmmm...perhaps not the toughest gang in town but boy do they do a mean arabesque.

have a happy weekend, cuzz.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

do you read eric shaw?

I do. because, he wrote this:

and also this:

but, mostly, because he wrote this:

read his blog, Sunshine monologue.
buy his book, Freckles.

Monday, July 27, 2009

it was a very

nice day
nice day
for a picnic
for a picnic...
wouldn't you agree?
wouldn't you agree?

Friday, July 24, 2009


I am a treasure hunter. A treasure keeper. A treasure honorer...yes, I made the word up, but it's true. You see, I am an estate sale kind of gal. Not the kind that pushes you out of the way, grabs things from your hands - no, not that ever. It has become more of a ritual for me to enter someones home, to sift through the treasures left behind. And to honor them, bring the few chosen pieces home, put use to them, sometimes gift them to someone near and dear. I never know many details of the people who have left these things behind but it isn't too far of a reach to imagine some of their stories. I fill in the blanks with my imagination. I like to at least find out their first names...silently nod to them and in my head say "thank you for this, (fill in the blank), I will carry this lovely little (fill in the blank) forward in my life..."

There are many who arrive at these sales bent on getting a bargain, the biggest pile of items, most often to turn for a profit. These people do not interest me much - I steer clear and although plenty of times they have snapped up things I would happily have taken home, I smile and let it go. Don't get me wrong. I know there are plenty of people out there that fall at the halfway mark between the grabbers and the cherishers - just sometimes it is hard to tell.

Furthermore, I only go to the sales that Walter holds. He is so fair and friendly, knows me by name, seems just as interested in the stories and in honoring the individual who has left it all behind...

...which brings us here. I was kindly reprimanded by Walter the last time I missed a sale of his in the city. I had missed "the perfect sale for (me)" at an old Chinese laundry...I am kicking myself still. So when the email came a few weeks ago that there was an upcoming sale in San Francisco - on the ever-famous, crookedest section of Lombard Street, no less - and I realized that I was already headed to the photo lab for a client that day? Done deal.

I parked at the bottom, walked up a few flights of the famous steps and took these shots, people and cars and more people, all taking their photos and walking RIGHT by that sign. Perhaps thinking the house was for sale? None of them were going inside!

I certainly was...the front door, a faded deep coral pink...
come in

...upon entering, the water damaged entry called me up the stairs...
and look up

...and into the front room with it's view out over the crooked street below...

There I found Walter with his big smile and asked him about the history. The lady who lived here had been gone from this world quite some time, Eleanor had been a painter and SF personality in her day. Her son had unexpectedly also died shortly after her which meant that this home along with several other properties went to the then young teen grand/daughter. She is in her late teens now, will be fixing this place up, rectifying the damage from a bad water leak...moving in.

I was happy to see that there weren't many things in the sale. I assume that loved ones had kept the best of the memories...I like that...makes me feel that the individual loved well, was well loved.

I turned to go down the hall to the back of the house and found the damaged walls covered in quite a few different people but there were many by Eleanor, too...
pick one

...I continued on into the dining room at the back, and found these views of the Bay and Alcatraz (peeking through the buildings in the photo on the left), and The San Francisco Art Institute (tower in the left photo), and appropriately, Treasure Island stretching into view there on the left...
like the view?

It was in that room I found a treasure for myself. It had no sticker on it, I was afraid to ask so wandered out to the front room again. Found some big 70's sunglasses that had belonged to Eleanor - they are sure to show up in photos one day soon. Walter pulled out this pair for me to try, not for sale, Eleanor's signature pair. A self portrait was immediately required in the huge gilded mirror propped against the wall (there's Walter in the background)...
i SEE you

Then with a bit of a smile and a mild pleading in my voice I asked him about the painting done by Eleanor in the dining room...he cocked his head and with a big smile said "how about $**?" I immediately ran back and pulled it down from the wall - all mine...
He could have gotten more...but he's like that...maybe moreso because he knew I would cherish it? I like to think so. Then as I headed out into the rest of my day, the painting tucked under my arm, the glasses on my head, I smiled and thought to myself...treasure indeed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009






Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it is still...

Monday, July 13, 2009


- swim league championship '09
- three best times
- 50 points for his team
- 2nd, 3rd, & 3rd place
- 3rd highest 13/14 boy scorer
- in the whole damn league
- happy boy
- proud mama
- yay!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

do you ever just have one of those days...

driving pearl 01
photo by riley

...that starts out with the need to accomplish a single simple task and then evolves into one-awesome-spontaneous-thing-stumbling-into-another until all of a sudden it is late? And dark outside? And then as you finally drag your happy tired butt home there's nothing left to do but wear a big fat smile on your face until you collapse into your cozy bed? Even if your answer is "yes!" the next words out of your mouth are probably much like mine, "but not nearly often enough"...last Friday, that is exactly what happened.

driving pearl 03
photo by riley...that small blur of red is the golden gate bridge :)

It started with me agreeing to drive into the city to let someone test drive Pearl, then an invitation to shop and have lunch in the Mission with dear friends Beth and Maggie who coincidentally were heading to the exact same part of town, Riley throwing his hat in the ring and joining me. He had control of the camera, clicking our way into town...

happily driving pearl
photo by riley

fresh fresh fresh
photo by riley

oh sf, i love you so!
photo by riley

we then arrived at the address and suddenly realized that the interested party was the new downstairs neighbor to my other dear friend Paula. DANG if the guy wasn't ready to buy Pearl but couldn't get her to fit in his garage! The sale was off but the fun wasn't. I am so sorry that we didn't take pictures of the Valencia Street part of our excursion...Vietnamese lunch, thrift shopping and a quick visit to The Curiosity Shoppe where the Little Pink Houses show by Lisa Congdon and Mati Rose McDonough had just that very moment finished being hung (I could still smell paint on the pieces)!

After that, a quick call to Paula and she insisted Ri and I turn around for a visit with she and her girls...

hello gorgeous
photo of paula by bianca

the lovely lovely
photo of bianca by me

photo of olivia by me

some wine opened...
simple pleasures

and then, why not, a Summer dinner that she whipped up...her fresh green salsa, home made fajitas beautifully delivered to the table in just moments...

delicious & green

and, really, we didn't have any fun at all...

we never have any fun.

nope, not one bit.

Monday, July 06, 2009



One of the many things I did this lovely holiday weekend was cut PickleBoy's hair my very first time. Goodness. Just another way to catapult this boy several years closer to the man he is becoming...whatever was I thinking?

Makes me all happy/melancholy/proud at once...sigh.


And how was your weekend?

Friday, July 03, 2009

from me,

this is me.
a happy fun-filled 4th to you :)