Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday – April Fool

Lotta lips around here, huh? This is my first venture into Self Portrait Tuesday. I love the idea of this SPT art project (this month's theme is 'fool' thus the choice of picture!). Here is the gist:

Self portrait tuesday is about self expression and exploration. The idea is each tuesday you post a self portrait on your blog…

What is the ultimate aim?
• To create a community - an online community of people participating in a continuous artistic self-expressive art project
• To give a voice to those who want to speak
• To encourage self-analysis and self-expression and self-exploration in people who would normally not be able to or don't have a venue or audience for such.
• To encourage people to challenge their personal boundaries
• To free up inhibitions and allow that inner hidden something to be occasionally seen.


My friend B is the best neighbor-girl-friend that I never had in my childhood and our boys are very close. We go on a semi-annual-or-whenever-we-really-need-it trek slash adventure. We jump in her wonderful red convertible alfa with the top down in any season. Head to whole paycheck and end up with varying goodies like French cheeses and pates and local bread and olives and other decadent yummies (don’t forget the wine or champagne in pink cans with straws, the mint water...) then head out. We are lucky to live in one of the most diverse and stunning areas in the world and never take it for granted. Our journey takes us on a different route each time but almost always climbs through the mountains and down to the blustery and beautiful beach. I make a ‘soundtrack’ for the day – we take a camera. We also take our mutual love for trying to figure out life and enjoy enjoy enjoy. These photos were taken last time.

Thank you, neighbor girl, for our adventures and always being there for me. (You most definitely made it to my mountain).


Anonymous b said...

rain, rain go away
so I can get my Alfa out of the garage for our next trip!
thank you for including me in your blog and in your life.

11:29 AM  

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