Monday, May 22, 2006

M M #6

Music Monday again! Yay! Let's get right to it...

Artist of the Week
Teddy Thompson

Album of the Week
Separate Ways

Song and Lyric of the Week

Separate Ways
“Come rolling into town unaware
Of the power that you have over me
And what am I to do with "hello, how are you?"
Nothing's ever said that should be.

And I don't care about you if you don't care about me.
We can go our separate ways if you want to.
The ties of love are strong but they can be undone.
And we'll go our separate ways if you want to.

I'm turning into me, not you.
I can change my mind not my blood
and not all who love are blind.
Some of us are just too kind
we forgive too much and never speak our minds.

(repeat chorus)

I'm giving up on you
And I'll turn my heart to something new
and we'll go our separate ways if you want to.
Yeah, if you want to.

I stood out in the rain,
holding my breath,
waiting for you.
You never came.
You broke my heart.
You broke my heart.
I know who's to blame,
You're to blame.

(repeat chorus)
if you want to...if you want to...if you want to......”

Music Memory of the Week
Eons ago while living in Los Angeles and working for a record company and being married pre-baby we used to go to the Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. Don't know if it remains this way but it used to be so great to hang out there. The people-watching was fantastic, the employees always had hidden gems that they would share with you and they hosted little live in-store gigs several times a week.

My ex is a guitar player and adored Richard Thompson. I learned of Richard's guitar virtuosity through said ex. On one of our visits to the store I noticed a cardboard box with entry forms attached to win 'tickets' to a live in-store performance to see Richard. I busily filled out forms with each of our names and slipped them in without being noticed. Several days passed and while I was at work, our home phone rang and announced to the ex that he had 'won'. Can you imagine the points I scored for this? We were among a crowd of maybe 30 people sitting at Richard's feet while he played and played. I will never forget it.

Now fast forward fourteen or so years...I head out to the mailbox and find my first subscription copy of Paste Magazine, immediately pop in the included mix disc, and get back to work. But what is this? This song that is tugging at me...hmmm...who IS that?...must find out. So I head to this Teddy Thompson guy's website only to find that he is the prodigious offspring of one Richard and Linda Thompson (yes, his mother sings as well - and check out the t-shirt he wears above). Now, how's that for full circle?

I promptly downloaded the album Separate Ways from iTunes and it has played over and over and over since last Friday inducing goosebumps and watery eyes and bursts of singing from my lips.

And I have decided that I like the Son better than the Father...


Blogger Teri M. said...

Love these lyrics - I'm so on my way over to iTunes!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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