Monday, May 15, 2006

Music Monday - wow.

Artist of the Week
Brazilian Girls

Album of the Week
Brazilian Girls

Song and Lyric of the Week
Sirenes De La Fete
Faisons un tour á la tour eiffel, á rencontrer cette japonaise, tres tres belle.
Dans la main une camera en plastique, ces chaussures dernier cri, On lui dit, You're tres chic.
On l'emmene, sûr une isle au millieu de la seine, virtuelle de cette nuit,
Cette nuit mortelle, on la prend,
On la prend par la main, et on commence.

Laisse rentrer la lumiere dans ta tête, sors tout-ce que t'as dedans, dis-moi quelque chose de Grand, concentre-toi, t'entends les sirenes de la fête? Tu sais c'que j'en pense, moi?
Je veux me reveiller, me reveiller avec toi!

On va danser á poile dans les rêves des tous les garçons, voler d'étoile en étoile, sur le dos d'un dragon,
Dans les bras de la lune, on peut tout oublier, mais dans ce paradis, on
Risque de s'ennuyer... t'endends les sirenes, les sirenes de la fete,
Tu sais ce que j'en pense....
Je veux me reveiller...

Music Memory of the Week
As you may have intuited from the picture above, I saw this band Saturday night (with my girl B). Wow. I will start by telling you that I chose the song Sirenes De La Fete because the lyrics are in French. The songs this band sings in English are, shall we say, somewhat suggestive? In fact, the band chose their name in part so that people would get some crazy google hits when searching for them (use your imagination).
There is only one girl in this band.
They are not Brazilian.
They sing in five different languages.
And they are great. Really great. I think the thing that is most disconcerting to me is that they are tagged as a "lounge" or "chillout" style which is fairly accurate with the album.

But live?

Well live they are LOUD and intense and surprising and exhausting and fantastic. Sabina Sciubba (vocalist) performed the entire show with a thin white cloth over her face (see below). She drank white wine through the cloth. Applied lipstick to her 'mouth' over the cloth. And mascara to her 'eyes' on the cloth. And wore all white. And danced seductively with that beautiful rig of hers. She did want a little too much audience participation - she couldn't make it through a few lines without pointing the microphone at us for a sing-a-long. But overall - highly recommended.

Honestly, I think I am enjoying the show more and more as I think back. It has been a while since a show has just flat out surprised me.

Hoora, Brazilian Girls, hoora!


Blogger Nessie Noodle said...

love when an experience takes a few days for your mind to process. Like it has to marinate on the whole event before it can really churn out its approval.

dig the band- would love to see them live.

9:23 AM  

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