Friday, May 05, 2006

Well, ok, then.

The not-so-goods:
1. I paid SuperDale $150 to find out that there was nothing wrong with my laptop. I had the cord plugged into LAN1 instead of WAN on my router.
2. I got a letter about PickleBoy from his school that said he had been naughty.
3. My new camera didn't come all day yesterday.
4. I had to go to the grocery store and deal with a bunch of bozos.
5. It is cloudy-grey-&-cold-windy outside.
6. I have to meet with my accountant and do my delayed and expensive taxes tomorrow.
7. I'm not taking part in Photobooth Friday this week.
8. The blog has been pathetic and sucky this week.

The antidote to the not-so-goods:
1. There was spyware that needed to be removed from my laptop anyway and the real reason that I plugged the cord into the wrong jack was that the living room got painted all fresh and clean last week and when I put everything back together - well, I did it wrong. But the living room looks fantastic and has made me feel as if I have a whole new room.
2. Turns out PickleBoy sorted out the mix-up all on his own. I received an email from the affected teacher that he was quite talented and that everything would be just fine. He made me a Greek scramble for breakfast this morning.
3. The camera was waiting for us at 9 pm on the front step when I picked PickleBoy up from swim practice. That FedEx driver was out super late but came anyway.
4. I bought armloads of fresh tulips and orchidiolas and renunculas from Trader Joes and on my way home stopped at the Salvation Army just in case. Can you say vintage handknit sweater from Italy...
and vintage typewriter (that I have been searching for months for) in perfect condition???
5. The sun is trying really hard to poke through - I just know it's gonna.
6. My accountant is cute and funny and he always makes me feel better - not to mention the load that will be taken off once this is done.
7. Not a direct antidote for this one except that my heart is winging it's way over to Our Lady of the Photobooth today. She's having a rough one. Please go visit her and give her some of your love.
8. Next week is gonna be awesome around this old blog because I'm gettin' back in the swing, babies!

So, from me to you on this wacky yet hopeful day...have a truly good weekend and do something unexpected and nice for yourself.

You deserve it.

(I, personally, will be making some of my yummy made-from-scratch margaritas and heading off to good friends for their homemade battered fish tacos with cabbage and lime juice and and Mexico y Cinco de Mayo amigas y amigos!!! Hasta la vista!)


Blogger lovegreendog said...

enjoy your weekend,
now i MUST have a margarita, yum

6:38 PM  
Blogger Teri M. said...

Yeah for the antidotes!

I, too, am in love with old typewriters. Unfortunately, mine is acting up so it's off to the shop with it. Again. ::pout::

Hope you had a fab fiesta!

10:05 PM  

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