Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Meet Fang.

I knitted my friend Fang from a pattern by the fabulous and talented Jess Hutchinson. She wrote and printed up a limited amount of copies of Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy last Fall which is unfortunately no longer available. I ordered and received my copy before it was gone forever. So lucky.

I am also very fortunate to be going this Saturday to the Maker Faire to participate in one of her workshops. And to partake in much wacky retail therapy at the Bazaar Bizarre which will be set up there. Check out some of those vendors! I am frothing with excitement to spend a crafty day of goodness amongst throngs of devoted and geeky people just like me.

Here are the minor differences between her pattern and my finished object:
She named hers Spherey.
I named mine Fang.
Spherey is light blue and red.
Fang is of the pink and green variety.
Spherey has longer legs and arms.
Fang's are somewhat truncated.
Spherey is toothless.
Fang is VERY proud of his favorite and somewhat large tooth.

The only potential problem is that he seems to have a slightly disturbing, potentially dangerous and definitely expensive drinking problem...

I can see it in those eyes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come you have never shown this to me! So cute! May I borrow that book? T

5:32 PM  

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