Monday, April 17, 2006

Music Monday and Eggs

My Sister and I stepped up to the plate and 'did' Easter this year. Our mother has always done the holidays up with style but we decided it was our turn. So with a little trepidation and our own menu, we started shopping for eggs and flowers and candies and booze etcetera in the days leading up to the festivities. I packed my share of everything up including PickleBoy on Saturday morning and drove the forty minutes to my Sister's house to get started...

The beginnings of the feast to be were assembled while our kids dyed the eggs...

There was plenty of hard work and mayhem that night that continued into the next day. Baskets discovered. Flowers happily assembled.

Yummy edibles prepared. Glasses of mimosas imbibed. The indoor egg hunt due to yet another rainy day.

Vehicles stuck in the mud yet ultimately extracted by gleaming mud splattered faces. The little unfortunate digs and judgments that have existed in our clan for years would raise their heads here and there and be mixed with some genuine joy and appreciation - strange bedfellows these. The end of the day finally drew near and I welcomed it...happy kids, exhausted and full and packed up to head back to their beds.

As I drove home with PickleBoy next to me, he read a beautiful passage aloud that he wanted me to hear. I was swept up in that delicious moment while this played:

Artist of the Week
My Morning Jacket (best album cover ever or what?)

Album of the Week

Song and Lyric of the Week
Off The Record
"Sorry 'bout the things that I had to say
And I'll make it up to you right now at the penny arcade.
In an open car or wherever you are
Push yourself too hard and it might get hot.
Well I really don't need the confusion
And you know I just ain't the type
To get all wrapped up in the illusion of doin' something
That I know ain't right - Right?

Music Memory of the Week
That drive into the dark impending clouds with the ethereal last light of the day sneaking around and through them. PickleBoy's voice layered with this music. I felt drained yet satisfied and so very lucky to be heading to the little home I have created for us. This song wrapped the moment up in a perfect little parcel to savor over and over again.


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You should write a book! Love, Me

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