Monday, February 04, 2008


Last Friday.
So much rain.
Deep cast to the midday light.
Vintage overalls.
A study in blue.

other interpretations of 'blue' here.


Blogger Blue's Creative Outlet said...

Very nice photo - I like the subtle yellow against the blue as well. I love the poem too. :)

7:35 PM  
Anonymous geek-betty said...

neat picture.

6:40 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

a pretty montage - i'm wondering about the cool leopard kicks i see subtly blurred...

8:51 AM  
Anonymous gay said...

very nice collection of blue i love the focus!

2:20 PM  
Blogger mia said...

I just love these shades of blue and dark colors.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Vedrana M. said...

beautiful, love your shades of blue :)

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Steph said...

You look like you wanted to garden but got rained out :)
(that's how my mom used to dress when she worked in the garden: blue jeans, bandanna, in her own skin --which, like yours, looks gorgeous without makeup-- and clogs.)

12:46 AM  
Blogger LeS said...

thanks everyone :)

kristen, they are my leopard slippers! Although I have been known to wear them out of the house now and then.

steph, I agree that this would be the perfect gardening outfit did I not have an absolutely black thumb. Instead it is my painting and/or cleaning outfit. (and the shallow depth of field is what makes my skin look like it doesn't need makeup - ha!)

8:22 AM  

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