Thursday, January 29, 2009

favorite etsy shops: installment #004

Another of my favorite Etsy shops is called Nutraj. If you have followed my blog for even a little while you might guess why I purchased the beautiful piece above. It is titled 'Just chained that beautiful heart' and is part of her Crush series. Perhaps you even remember seeing me wear it. And even if I didn't have a penchant for finding hearts, the quote on the shop's home page would have done it for me:

"Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation." - Tagore

But Nutan has long been one of my favorite jewelry designers for so many other reasons as well. She is so prolific and wonderfully varied in the pieces she creates...enough that every woman could find something that suits their style in her shop. I gave my sister these earrings for her birthday last year......the chalcedony and moonstone necklace seen below from the Whispering Colors series would look fantastic with them, yes?

I am currently coveting this rainbow moonstone and pearl piece from her A Thousand Things selection...

Take a while and dig around in the Nutraj shop. You are certain to find a favorite. Perhaps treat yourself to a little Valentine's gift - you MUST deserve it! In addition to having such a great eye for beauty, Nutan is so very helpful. She lengthened the chain for me on my piece with no fuss. And raced those birthday earrings to me when I waited a touch too long to order them. I might add that each of the pieces I have ordered have been more beautiful upon opening the box than her wonderfully shot photos could convey.

Love indeed.


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