Monday, January 26, 2009

favorite etsy shops: installment #001

This week I will be sharing some my favorite Etsy finds with you and what better way to start than with my wonderful friend Elena's two shops. How very lovely Lunar Adornments and Manuscripts for the Journey are. Elena has a true dedication to spirit and growth and beauty - it shows in every single item that she creates. The beautiful handcrafted valentine card/booklet you see above is part of a touching series. These are, in Elena's words, "for the poet, the artist, the photographer. The inside is ready to hold your love, your wishes, your images and to become a missive of love to a very worthy recipient!" and I could not agree more.

Inspired is how I would describe her jewelry. I am particularly drawn to to this Heart Mala and can imagine the weight of it wrapped around my wrist.

And, oh, how I would like to spill myself onto the pages of any of the intricately handcrafted and handbound journals found in her Manuscripts for the Journey shop...

More of her personal loveliness can be followed at her blog, Lunar Musings. So multi-talented, so kind, so beautiful and so worthy of attention, my friend Elena.


Anonymous Lunarmusings said...

:):):)thanks for the love dearest!w

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