Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i blinked my eyes and was

(lovely elena. by lsl)

snapped up from the Long Beach airport by my newest (and-oh-so-fabulous-sister-destined-to-be-lifetimes-long) friend for a too short visit but a perfect and synchronous one over a carafe


(sangria yum. by lsl)

and some plates and promises made to be in the same room on a different continent very soon...

then whisked away by my oldest (and-deep-and-blood-and-already-lifetimes-and-so-many-more-of-them-too) friend


(jen. by lsl)

for another day of good food,


(mmmexican food. by lsl)

and a vintage tandem ride,


(schwinn baby. by lsl)

for pretty new toes.


(toelettes. by lsl)

I fit in a little solo escape to the sea of my childhood before most of the world was awake and then a party, too.


(sunrise. by lsl)

and home again.
was it all just a dream?
the very best kind of dream?
thank you my girls.
thank you my sea.
blessed is what I am.

and we will all be together again soon...


Anonymous bella said...

What a lovely photo of you. Your trip sounds so refreshing and full of good times to come. ~Bella

11:48 AM  
Blogger curious girl (lisa) said...

"the sea of my childhood."


2:11 AM  
Anonymous lunarmusings said...

ah... it happened so fast it almost feels like a dream!

Can't wait to see you again love!


3:02 PM  
Anonymous jenjen said...

it WAS a dream.
the best ever.
thanks for coming and laughing and snapping and making it so. so. so!

toelettes. forevermore.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous jenjen said...

Oops. Talk about sisters! I'm not the ONLY one that thinks the photo of lovely E is Elena, NOT Esha.... get out.

12:41 PM  

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