Friday, September 05, 2008


is his nickname.

This shot is from a family session I did last week. Perhaps I will share more from this shoot next week...some will certainly make it to my site. The soft focus and flare were only semi-planned. Really more of a happy accident.

Come to think of it, that is exactly how I want my weekend to be. Semi-planned, with a soft focus, throw in a dash of flare with a tumble of happy accidents on top.

Ah, yes.


Blogger Lili said...

I love the way the sun makes his ears glow red, I could see an oil painting of it immediatly, a la Renoir.

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen - it's got lots of natural information for animal health. I think ground flax/ linseed is good for preventing clots, but check it ok for cats first.

5:46 AM  
Blogger LeS said...

oh lili, what a wonderful compliment :)

hi anon - thaks so much for this info - i will go immediately to research it :)

11:02 AM  

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