Friday, May 16, 2008

black (thumb) magic.

You know, I am quite good at a few things. Very good at a select few. But then there are so many things at which I am no good at all. For example: growing plantlike objects? Not so much. I gave up on ever growing anything again fourteen years ago. I was living in Australia at the time. Growing a beautiful baby boy in my belly. Lucky enough to have a tiny window in my life where i was able to not work. This is when I decided I would give gardening one big fat go - fertility and time on my hands, a lovely back garden just waited to be tilled and filled. So I started researching how to grow an organic garden. I bought a book, determined the best plants for our region, invested in all types of seeds and topsoil. I spent a full week prepping the bed, planting the seeds, watering...and waiting. And guess what eventually grew in that meticulously tended 5' by 12' plot?

Not a goddammed thing.

Not even a sprout. I was pissed, people. But I eventually got over it - nicknamed myself the "Black Thumb" and moved on. In the ensuing years I have had a house plant here and there, a tiny cactus that hung on for awhile. I do buy little orchid plants now and then to have live flowers in the house but they all eventually die. I have heard that if you care for them that orchids will flower again but certainly not under my dark tutelage. Mine dry out to little twigs and eventually get tossed in the trash.

So imagine my surprise upon entering the laundry room the other day to see this. An abandoned and long forgotten orchid plant sitting in the window with this flower on it. It has been given no water. No attention. I do not even know how many months that this plant sat there - ignored. And then - BAM. There are even nine more little buds on their way out to say "Hi!".

I am giggly and thankful for my pretty little miracle plant. There is probably a perfectly logical explanation for this phenomena. But in a totally 'me' way I have opted to keep myself in the dark as to the wily ways of this plant and instead go all 'symbolic' instead...

In a small and sweet way, it serves as my very own reminder to perhaps be more patient, or to release or maybe even forget to tend something once in awhile.

You just never know what you might get.


p.s. Have a happy weekend, lovely ones, a happy weekend indeed.


Blogger Relyn said...

Another gorgeous floral image. I'm so glad I found my way to you via Girl Hula.

10:40 PM  

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