Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i can breathe.

The subtle jealousy that stirred in me when I realized that I had not written the following words are profoundly overshadowed by the joy I feel in having discovered them...

"I think the brightest parts of my life, the tallest and strongest and most deeply true, (are) shaped by music. Sometimes, the shape is a map, outlines and gradients and a little marker for where I am now, a trail of colour for where I was before. The shape of past songs cuts a dotted line through my life. Sometimes, it's a pounding out, an interruption to argue and open things up, to open me up. Songs can shock me into wakefulness like nothing else can. Songs can get through. They shape me by force. They shape me by interjection.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a song will shape me by carving out the space for a moment like that…I sit in the shape of the song, the shape the song has opened out, and I can breathe." - Elaine of Fabulist!

Yes, oh yes, Elaine.
Thank you.

(her full post can and should be read here.)


Blogger Ladyv said...

oh my...that quote is incredible. its so hard to put into words how music effects me and she's put it so perfectly and eloquently. much thanks for sharing that!

11:15 AM  

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