Monday, October 15, 2007

Music Monday - aw, yes, the radiohead kerfuffle...

A quick stop in to say,
"Helloooo!" and, also, to say
"Go pay these brilliant lads whatever you feel like for their stunning set of new little ditties."

Paste Magazine is saying:
We've said it before: Radiohead's "pay what you want" digital release of In Rainbows is one of the more interesting and potentially important album launches of our time. Say what you will about past Radiohead coverage - the constant incremental updates, hyperbole, and rumor-mongering - this one actually matters. So as the entire web-music infrastructure marshals its resources to report, discuss, and analyze the phenomenon, we'll be trying to keep readers up to date with it all.

The L.A. Times is saying:
For now, at least, Radiohead is leaving those millions on the table to go the tip-jar route.

The new blog, music mamas is asking you to throw in your two cents.
(Be sure to check out this inspiring and weirdly connected group of lovely ladies regularly to see what other musical thoughts, opinions, recommendations they have brewing. I look forward to keeping up with them and what they have to say on all things music-related).

There is much mucho much talk out there about the band's choice to let you 'pick what you pay' but I just want to say that I would have purchased this album whatever the price. I am thrilled to have it no matter the kerfuffle out there because it is FANTASTIC. It is looping over and over and flowing from my speakers today and, I suspect, for many days/weeks/months to come.

Keep well, my friends, as I am now back to the proverbial stone of grind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you ever though of using a larger font? tiny words are hard to read.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i heard about the radiohead thing and at first i couldn't understand why they would do that...but then i got to thinking...if you cut out the cost of packaging and distribution and all that other stuff you have to pay for they may actually make more money per album this route than the traditional one...they may just be the smartest band in the music industry.

and i will be buying their new soon as i get paid...

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAY TOO LONG since I have been to your blog. I want to say fuck you for living so far away... or is it me that lives so far away? I went in to Tallbots today, then I thought of you and ran out and now I read your blog and think I am loosing my head and feel so out of touch and miss you and hate it that I wont be at the beach for your 40th and that I havent seen Pickle BOy in his 13th year and how are he and Chloe going to marry if they never see eachother and adam - a picture of Adam on his brithday - is it real.... I miss you! RbS

7:56 PM  

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