Friday, August 10, 2007

photo booth friday - ok, sometimes digital is fab.

This 'strip' was impulsive and silly and I love how it turned out. The digital booths are usually depressing to me but I messed around with this one and tried to navigate my way through the directions which were all in Japanese. I mean how could I really walk right by? Come to think of it, I AM getting low on my Japanese incense...might be time for another trip into town...
Visit the queen of PB here and have a great weekend!


Anonymous steph said...

I love those, too! You're starting to make me want to participate in PBF...I'm sure there are a bunch of places to get your photos done in the city?

On our last day in Austin, we went out as a family for ice cream (Amy's) and took our pictures in one of hte vintage pb's--only, someone had forgotten to replace some chemicals, and the photo was way underexposed/underdevoped. I was so bummed!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Susannah said...

:-) these are really fun!

(no, i didn't do anything with the chemistry alas - i was visiting my sister anyway, so wasn't in my home town... and besides, i'm not quite ready for all of that yet :-)

5:52 PM  

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